Managed Operations Services

With business comes infrastructure, but you don’t necessarily have the time or people to run both. We understand that you need to focus on your business, so we at Intellity provide application hosting. We’ll help you run your infrastructure, from managing your stack top to bottom, and configuring and monitoring essential services – all suited to your company’s needs.

Our network of data centre partners are all around the world, so while you don’t have to manage your infrastructure, you and your customers are never far from it.

Remote control/support service

We manage your infrastructure offshore through shared screens, and are available to communicate with you round-the-clock. If you need someone to physically be there, our onshore resources will be on hand.


Running an online store can mean that you’re constantly patching and monitoring the cloud yourself. Intellity can help with our e-commerce hosting solution, running it for you, and optimizing your website for page loads and security compliances.

Website maintenance and content management

Intellity provides the best-fit maintenance and management solution for your company’s website, because we know that compromised speed and security can affect your bottom line. No more waiting for the webpage to load, no more delayed content updates, no more downtime.

Email hosting

We provide day-to-day management of your business email services, so you can communicate simply and effectively.

Email migration

  • Move to Hosted Exchange® at Intellity, or affordable Intellity Email
  • Get the best of both with Exchange Hybrid

Thin client computing managed operational services

Does your business use the public cloud, the private cloud, or your own dedicated hardware? How about all three? We at Intellity can help you manage a true hybrid cloud environment, to best suit your company’s specific needs.

For high availability, we offer hosting infrastructure through our network of data centre partners all over the world. This way, your infrastructure is close to you, and close to your customers.


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