Intellity was founded by a small group of experienced Dutch professionals in 2004. In the beginning, Intellity was affiliated with Glomos – a cloud service provider based in the Netherlands – and was responsible for the Managed Operations of Glomos customers.

In 2015, Intellity has moved on as a separate entity, providing a streamlined catalog of products and services that will undoubtedly grow as the market demands it.

We provide elegant, affordable solutions for all your ICT infrastructure needs. Whether hardware or software, support or maintenance, we are committed to cater to your company’s needs, wherever in the world you are. With European roots and a global business perspective, we understand the specific needs of various business environments worldwide.

Intellity also offers flexible pricing and capacity options, because we know that as your business grows and changes, so does its needs. Our adaptable products and services will work together with your company to help it reach its full business potential.

Intellity is the exclusive distributor for Malaysia and Singapore for some of our products, and our specialized support and maintenance teams take pride in our service.

With this, we are able to form long term relationships with you, our clients, and make your goals and visions, our goals and visions.

With quality products and quality services, Intellity aims to be a serious player in the South East Asian market, providing innovative digital solutions to help your vision grow.

Our services:

  • Customized web design and development solutions, from back-end to front-end
  • Engaging digital signage, attracting the right people to your business
  • Server based computing and hosting infrastructure, through our data centre partners
  • Email and productivity solutions, so you can focus on your business
  • Managed operations services, through support and maintenance

Our products, some of which we distribute exclusively in Malaysia and Singapore:

  • Streacom aluminium active and passive cooled cases
  • SpinetiX PC-less digital signage applications
  • Clientron thin clients, from ultra-compact, to high-end, to cost-efficient solutions
  • EBOX industrial mini PC solutions

Our Products & Services

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