Streacom Introduces the DB4

Streacom brought about a new generation of silent cooling with their all new DB4. It blurs the line between technology and art. In the looks department, it features a sandblasted premium grade extruded aluminium case, with a very unique design that just screams premium.


In the technology department it manages to deliver the best of both worlds; a superior fanless cooling solution and broad hardware compatibility. And compatibility it has! Due to its improved internal design, virtually all ITX boards will be compatible with this case its heatpipes, and the CPU mount is universally compatible with any socket.

db4-000-180-open   db4-025-180-open

Furthermore, the universal bracket system system allows for flexible and modular mounting of up to 12 drives. And did we mention the thermal limit can be increased to 110W by using two of the side panels for cooling? Streacom delivers yet again with this case, and anyone looking to build a fanless ITX machine will have to look no further than the Streacom DB4.

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